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Fellow NULASSITES I/We bring to you all good tidings from the office of the National President on resolutions and updates as it affects our Bursary/Scholarship respectively, we hope this good tidings gets to you in good faith.
Please be informed that sequel to our resolutions as to upholding the tenets of NULASS, the mandate based to us has not been marred, chartered and battered. We are still on the stewardship of Service to Humanity as we have been in the past, still in the present and will also be in the future.
It is on the oath to be in top connect to all means possible to get our Bursary as prior mandate that i placed calls to prominent persons to whom it concern and here are feed backs. SAE; I have informed you that the governor said ending of January but while are you calling at mid of the month and whereas you called me on the 10th of January, dont you believe me, please dont be worried, the governor will do as Promised. I am giving you my words. *Ajahsko;* Ok sir, thanks very much sir, i just said i should get in touch with you sir. ES LSSB; Presi, am always with you and your satisfactory is prior to me, for i am here today for you as tomorrow you might be there for my children or there about so if i fail to discharge, who will. So please lets wait till ending as the governor has told us.
Please bear with me. *Ajahsko;* Thanks sir my father. Reflects of communication between my leadership and to whom it concerns on Bursary. Thanks. Dare to struggle,Dare to win. I am Olaguro Qudus Eleko of EKO NULAS 001 NULASS, Nigeria

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